Here is an article that I was featured in with Mel Magazine. It was a great opportunity to give some of my own insight and knowledge into male PMS or as it is referred to as Irritable Man Syndrome? Below is an excerpt from it. Read along and click the link afterward to learn more.

In an effort to gain some objectivity, I reached out to Joshua Gonzalez, a urologist and sexual health doctor who specializes in, among other things, hormones and the effects of aging. I wanted to find out if I was just suffering from the normal life stresses that affect everyone else in the world, or if I should be concerned about a “syndrome” that might require greater attention.

To my cynical vindication, when I first mentioned IMS, Gonzalez said he’d only heard of it in places like Cosmo. But as he continued talking, it soon became clear that both the disagreeable behaviors some men display — andtheir causes — sound exactly like what’s being described by IMS. Life stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of sufficient exercise all made a showing as contributors, as did the biggest issue of all (and the one with the most medical concern): Low testosterone. Because while the cliche has it that an excess of testosterone leads to assholeish, aggressive behavior, it’s actually a deficit in the hormone that’s more likely to cause moodiness and irritability.

It’s the low testosterone angle that’s caused IMS to be referred to as male PMS (or a “manperiod”) and other such overly simplistic ideas, because, like menstruation, low testosterone does involve hormonal fluctuation.

To read more about this topic head over to the full article here. Thank you to Mel Magazine for utilizing some of my professipnal expertise for this article.