In part one, we covered the science and research sides of the disease. In this episode, we will be getting the MD perspective. We are excited to have the board-certified fellowship-trained urologist and men’s health expert, Dr. Joshua Gonzalez, joining us on the show today.

Show highlights:

  • Dr. Gonzalez reviews what prostatitis is.
  • Dr. Gonzalez explains how commonly prostatitis occurs.
  • Dr. Gonzalez discusses the different types of prostatitis.
  • Some of the common signs and symptoms of each of the different types of prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez walks through what men can expect at a clinic visit while getting evaluated for possible prostatitis. He explains what sort of examinations and testing they could undergo.
  • Dr. Gonzalez describes how the treatments differ when looking at the different types of prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez discusses additional treatment options other than physical therapy that are available for men struggling with prostatitis.
  • Dr. Gonzalez talks about things, like certain foods and activities, that could trigger episodes of prostatitis.
  • Although prostatitis is very common in men, about ninety to ninety-five percent of the cases are non-infectious chronic prostatitis.
  • Pelvic floor physical therapy could be life-changing in many cases and could even cure the problem.

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