Male Girth Enhancement

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Male Girth Enhancement.

Male Girth Enhancement services offered in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for male girth enhancement in Los Angeles, Joshua R Gonzalez, MD, offers PhalloFILLto achieve excellent aesthetic results. PhalloFILL is the safest, most reliable gold standard for nonsurgical male enhancement. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gonzalez at the Miracle Mile office today or book online using the reservation portal.

Male Girth Enhancement Q & A

What is male girth enhancement with PhalloFILL?

PhalloFill is a leader in male enhancement that uses fillers to complement your natural anatomy. The hyaluronic acid fillers achieve maximum results and don’t hinder functionality whatsoever.

This treatment can be customized to fit your individual aesthetic needs. It can also help correct the appearance of curved or misshapen penile tissue.

PhalloFILL requires a trained expert, like Dr. Gonzalez, to administer this specialized treatment. Additionally, PhalloFILL uses only FDA-approval products, so you can feel safe knowing your health is secure.

What are the benefits of male girth enhancement?

PhalloFILL is an excellent option for people looking to increase their girth. On average, most people experience 1-1.5 inches of growth over several injections. However, PhalloFILL is highly customizable, and Dr. Gonzalez can provide more or less filler to achieve your desired results.

PhalloFILL can also increase your confidence in the bedroom and reduce shrinkage that results from cold weather, certain medications, and anxiety.

Is male girth enhancement with PhalloFILL permanent?

Your body naturally breaks down hyaluronic acid-based fillers over time. Though they may not last indefinitely, PhalloFILL achieves semi-permanent results, with many people seeing results for up to six years.

Expert urologists and plastic surgeons worldwide have perfected PhalloFILL’s efficacy to ensure results last as long as possible. Dr. Gonzalez can also touch up your treatment at any time, which requires only a fraction of the initial filler.

Does male girth enhancement require surgery?

PhalloFILL is a nonsurgical treatment and relies solely on fillers to achieve results. This means you don’t have to worry about any surgical prep or complications.

You’ll experience zero downtime from daily activities because no surgery is required. However, you should refrain from sexual activity for about a week after treatment.

How long does male girth enhancement take?

You can expect your male girth enhancement appointment to take about 30-60 minutes, depending on the amount of filler required. Dr. Gonzalez collaborates with you to better understand your aesthetic desires and helps create a custom treatment.

You can schedule your appointment with Dr. Gonzalez today by calling the Miracle Mile office or clicking on the website’s booking portal.